Our tennis players will be wearing NVBYK jewellery

New Vintage by Kriss is a jewellery brand that creates stylish pieces, carrying a unique messages, bold and full of emotion. NVBYK jewellery has inspired women since 2011 and brands designer, Kriss Eglite, was nominated for the “Kuldnõel” (Golden Needle) award in 2018. Every piece is hand-made from pure and high-quality materials. Environmental awareness is embedded in the jewellery from the material selection to packaging.

For Kriss, the message and the content of the jewellery is just as important as its finishing and design. In recent years, symbolism and especially Sacred Geometry have become more central in her work. In order to ensure the accuracy of these powerful geometric symbols, she uses 3D printing.
All NVBYK pieces are 3D printed from ethical silver in the “Cloud Factory”.

For this years Tallinn Open NVBYK created a special inspirational pendant for all the players. You can see and order her jewellery from the web-shop or from the studio at Pärnu mnt 27-16, Tallinn (please check for opening times). During the tournament there will also be an opportunity to purchase some limited edition pieces that will be created to celebrate tennis and all those, who love this sport.


Tallinn Open WTA 250 players’ reception will be held in Tallinn TV tower

The Tallinn Television Tower is the tallest building in Estonia – the height of the tower is 314 metres. It was built for broadcasting. The TV tower is one of the favourite places to spend time among Estonians and tourists. The 22nd floor of the Teletorni offers a 360-degree view of the entire city of Tallinn, the ports, and Tallinn Bay. In clear weather, you can even see the skyline of Helsinki.

TV Tower is situated: Kloostrimetsa tee 58 Tallinn.

The TV Tower is served by city buses 34A, 38 and 49 (“Teletorn” stop), as well as by CityTour and City Sightseeing tourist buses (green line, Mere pst – Teletorn).



Aura water originates from Southern Estonia from 410 metres below ground level. The water source is millions of years old from the Ordovician water table which thus having been protected from external elements and enriched by natural minerals such as sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Water is as important to people as breathing. It makes up an astounding 90% of the human body. Water is especially important during physical exercise when people are losing a lot of fluid from their body. Therefore, it is vital to keep a few bottles of water on court by your side when playing tennis. Aura’s soft- and pure-tasting water is pH neutral, thus supporting the natural chemical balance in athletes’ bodies. 

Aura cares about nature to a great extent. Aura water is the first Estonian water brand to package their water in bottles made from recycled plastic. Additionally, all drinks produced by A le Coq are made from 100% green energy.

WTA Tallinn Open OFFICIAL BEER – alCOHOL FREE A. Le Coq Premium 0,0

Beer is one of the oldest natural drinks in world history. It is made from 4 ingredients: water, hops, barley and yeast. Through the process of fermentation, B-group vitamins and necessary micronutrients. It is scientifically proven that the consumption of alcohol-free beer during an endurance sport helps the body to recover quicker, thus making it a fantastic alternative to a sports drink. For this reason, bottles or cans of alcohol free beer can often be seen in tennis players’ bags after a tiring match.

A. Le Coq Premium 0,0 is the alcohol free version of Premium which is brewed in a special way. It follows the usual brewing method of Premium, however, it is made stronger and more flavourful from which all the alcohol is thereafter extracted at low temperatures with vacuum technology. This way, the characteristic Premium flavour profile remains the same, although the beer itself is absolutely free from alcohol or 0,0%.

Amps catering

AMPS is a café chain that delights visitors with hearty food, lighter snacks, and sweet desserts on Pärnu road, in Järve and at A. Le Coq Arena. AMPS chef Heiti Männiksaar and his team are keeping the food quality high and the taste good for over twenty years. At the Tallinn Open WTA 250 tennis tournament, AMPS offers spectators delicious food so that they have enough strength and energy to support their favourite tennis players. In addition, AMPS has a big responsibility – to provide the right caloric, nutrient-rich, fresh, and tasty food to the world’s top tennis players – the players of the WTA 250 tournament. Come to the tournament, visit the AMPS café in the spectator’s area and support the world’s top tennis players.

You can find out more about AMPS here.


Delfi is the official media partner of the international women’s tennis tournament WTA 250.

You can find exciting live broadcasts, recent results, and the most important news here.

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