Data protection and cookies

  1. Principles of data processing

1.1. The principles of data processing apply to users of the WTA Tallinn Open website.

Our company processes personal data only to provide you with service. We do not transfer, sell or disclose your data to third parties without your prior consent or in cases provided by law.

Customer’s right in relation to the use of data

1.2. The customer has the right to receive WTA Tallinn Open information about the use of his data in the manner and to the extent provided by law;

1.3. The customer has the right to demand that WTA Tallinn Open stop using his data and correct, close and delete the data;

1.4. The customer has the right to accept or refuse the use of his data for direct marketing or marketing purposes;

1.5. The customer has the right to turn to the Data Protection Inspectorate and the court for the protection of his rights.

1.6. You have the right to send us an e-mail or call + 372 639 8635 if you have any questions regarding personal data.

  1. Principles of using cookies

2.1. To better serve users, the WTA Tallinn Open web pages uses cookies.

2.2. Domains belonging to WTA Tallinn Open may, among other things, contain elements that store cookies on behalf of third parties.

Rejecting cookies

2.3. The user has the right to refuse the saving of cookies on the computer. If desired, the customer must change the settings of his web browser.

2.4. Different types of web browsers use different methods to disable cookies. More detailed information is displayed on the website.

2.5. When blocking cookies, the User must take into account that all website functions may no longer be available to the User after blocking cookies.

What is a cookie?

2.6. A cookie is a text file that is sent and stored on the User’s computer by the web pages that the User visits. The cookie is stored in the file directory of the User’s web browser. If the User has visited the website before, the web browser reads the cookie and transmits the relevant information to the website or element that originally stored the cookie. More information about cookies is available on the website.

2.7. Cookies make it possible to monitor website usage statistics, the popularity of sections and other actions performed on the website. The information obtained from the cookie is used for the purpose of improving the usability and content of the website.

Types of cookies used on the website

2.8. Constant cookies are essential for navigating the website and using its functions. In the absence of constant cookies, the User would not be able to use all the functions of the website.

2.9. Session cookies allow the website to remember previous choices made by the User (for example, username, language selection, etc.) and thereby offer more efficient and personalised functions.

2.10. Tracking cookies collect data about the User’s behaviour on the website. The information obtained from the tracking cookie makes it possible to increase the ease of use of the website.

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