Tallinn Open WTA 250 pallilapsed

Join the Volunteer Team

The Tallinn Open WTA 250 organisers invite you to join the volunteer team!

We are looking for volunteers to help organise the event. Tallinn Open is a week-long tennis tournament that can only take place with the support of volunteer sports fans. We are looking for friendly and enthusiastic people who are willing to volunteer their time to help organise the first ever WTA tennis tournament in Estonia. Only with the help of volunteers, we can organise a high-level competition in which athletes, coaches, spectators, and the organisers themselves will enjoy participating. It is a sporting event that will be fondly remembered for a long time.

A volunteer can help organise and be part of something bigger. We have created a programme for volunteers that helps them settle into the team, contribute to the organisation of competitions and share the joy of tennis with all the fans.

  • You have a unique opportunity to participate in the organisation of a prestigious international sports event.
  • Volunteers are needed from 24.09-2.10.2022 for various roles. 
  • Age and tennis knowledge are not necessary.
  • Send your request to become a volunteer to varnik.alfred@gmail.com and add your skills and previous experience to the email. 
  • We offer a fantastic experience to volunteers with the addition of two day-tickets to the tournament and a goodie bag from the sponsors.

If you want to contribute as a volunteer then:

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