Anett Kontaveit Tallinn Open WTA 250



Eeva Käsper is an Estonian glass artist who has a speciality degree from the Estonian Academy of Art. She worked as a lecturer in the same institution afterwards. Eeva has introduced her art and Estonia all over the world at prestigious galleries, symposiums and conferences.

Eeva Käsper’s creative method is phenomenological – she bases on her personal experience, memories, perceptions, intermediate states of conscience. At times she approaches glass as a filigree master, creating objects that are very precise in form; at other times she lets glass flow freely, stopping the process abruptly – the created pieces have enthralling connections with natural forms.

„The tournament colours are bright blue and tennis ball yellow so I used them in the creation of the award. The triangular top of the award was inspired by a crown motive. My personal technique is taking a folding facade from paper mache and making a cast from it. This makes the glass sculpture shine brighter and catch light better. In the right lighting conditions, the awards remind the colours of Aurora Borealis because it is the Northernmost WTA tournament this season. The nordic theme and the Aurora Borealis work together wonderfully“.

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